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At the same distance from the Aegean and Mediterranean …

Kas is located 189 km far from the center of Antalya, between Fethiye and Elmali districts and right across the Greek island called Meis. Antalya has numerous touristic districts and bays. It only takes a few hours of car drive from the center to reach these destinations.

The districts of Eagean region such as Fethiye, Koycegiz and Marmaris are only a few hours far from Kas as well. It is possible to find dolmuses or buses traveling to these districts all day long.

Kaş Marinas;

Kas has an advanced marina with 472-boat capacity which is very important for Mediterranean Region.

“There is a 160-boat capacity slipway on the land side of the 472-boat capacity marina. In addition, there are also 7 floating docks and 1 jetty in the marina. It also has all the necessary facilities for all types of boats including super and mega yachts to dock.

It has become indispensable for sea lovers and yachtsmen on account of its 3 thousand square meters closed area, service buildings, yacht club, restaurants, sports facilities and shops.”

Paradise Kas has 2,8 km walking distance and 5 minutes car ride to the marina.


Meis island;

Meis is a Greek island which is situated right across Kas. It takes a short ferry ride to reach the island.

The only settlement on the island is Kastellorizo (Megisti or Meis) which is originally named as Château-Roux (Red Castle) by St. Jean Kinghts because of the red rocks around the area. However, the name has changed over the years.

The most important feature of the island is the sponge hunt. Because the nearest town is Kas, it is not a coincidence to come across all the fish types of Kas and typical Kas cuisine on this island.



Kekova is a small rocky Turkish island near Demre district of Antalya province. It is famous for its sea and the ancient sunken city. The town from Byzantine-Era is now under the water on account of the severe earthquakes occurred at the time.

The sunken city is one of the most important under water ruins of Turkey. Private diving events are held for the visitors to see this under water city. Apart from the fascinating history of the sunken city, Kekova has unique bays where every shade of blue can be seen. Activities such as canoeing, rafting, trekking, outdoor sports are also available in Kekova.

Paradise Kas is 44 km to Kekova and only 45 min away by car.



Fethiye is another natural beauty and only 2 hours from Kas. Butterfly Valley and Kabak Bay are naturally preserved areas of Fethiye. Daily tours are organized to visit ’12 Islands’. The Oludeniz beach took 82% of the votes and was awarded as ‘the most beautiful beach of the world’ in 2006.
Paradise Kas is 100 km and 2 hours far from Fethiye by car.



Koycegiz is approximately 45 minutes from Kas. Koycegız is famous for its lake, wine and nature. Ekincik Bay which is located on the Mediterranean coast and worthy to visit.

It has a long coast line, marina, windsurfing and rafting facilities. The famous Sultaniye Thermal Spa is also in Koycegiz. It used to be a advanced hospital which had 400-patient capacity. According to records, ‘In the name of Gods, death cannot enter into this hospital’ was written at the enterance.

The Olemez Mountain was named after this thermal spa…

Paradise Kas is 168 km from Koycegiz and 3 km away to Kas by car.

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