Natural Beauty

“Remember, when you look down on Kaş at your arrival Kaş the views of many people was this is the view that many people fell in love with at first sight …”

Kas is one of the unspoiled districts in Turkey where tourism investments and urbanization processes have not disturbed the old town structure does not exist. Its natural beauty, traditions and historical buildingsare intact still stands and are carefully protected.

It fascinates nature lovers with its virgin beaches along the coast, green hillsides, fresh air and the ongoing outstanding Cukurbag peninsula towards Mediterranean region.


The coastline of Kas is 70 km. It includes the beaches, shores and bays. It is unnecessary to struggle to find a place to swim in Kas since it already has peaceful beaches on the coastline, which are far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

No corporate companies, big hotels or the other big businesses can be found in Kas. No jet skis or whatsoever…The locals run small wooden platforms built on sandy and rocky beaches for the visitors to swim in the calm sea within a peaceful environment.


What makes people fall in love with Kas is its natural beauty. The district is very convenient for tourism investments. Since the local people still live in the city center and protect their neighbourhood, the corporate companies are far from the district.

For this reason, the natural environment has stayed unspoiled. The life itself is totally natural thanks to the collaboration of the locals. The green hills, lowlands, bays and the streets smelling jasmine are the proof.

Fruit and Vegetables;

It is possible to see organic fruits or vegetables in any shop of Kas. Actually, the locals are uninformed about organic farming.

They use the traditional farming methods and natural seeds all the time. So all the groceries are organic.

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