Natural Archıtecture

Architecture architrave, Kaş house …

A typical architrave Kas house includes the floors which continue vertically down the hill, its building structure made out of stone and wood, windows opening to the garden, the flowers leaning out the windows, big and wide wooden exterior doors, bay window, balcony, patio and wooden floors.

In short, it shows the typical characteristics of a Mediterranean house. In almost all Mediterranean houses, the houseroom were used as a dining room and living space; whereas, above stairs were used as bedrooms. The whole family had their separate rooms.

However, the rooms had a door to the external sofa where the whole family meet. External sofa had a roof top and was open on all sides. It was the the dining and living room of the family during the summer. A big wooden door was opening on the street.

A thousand varieties of flowers, a few citrus trees and irrigation ponds were located in the garden.

“Necklace of Kaş”

Paradise Kaş was built architrave by adhering to both typical Mediterranean architecture and the historical structure of the region.

Manuel building technics used in the entire construction history can be seen in the architecture of the house. The garden, pool, windows opening to external sofa…Briefly, Paradise Kaş is a typical Mediterranean village house.

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