Kas Cuısıne

Everything in Kaş is already organic.

Vegetable dishes with olive oil and seafood are the main dishes of Kas cuisine. The seafood is available in almost every season. Usually consumed daily and is certainly far from unnatural production.

Coral, lobster, grouper, mullet, bonito and lagos fishes are the most consumed on the Kas tables.

Mediterranean fish;

Grilled seasonal fishes, different types of borek and fishballs are the most preferred meals of Kas cuisine. Most of the locals have fields in the lowlands. For this reason, it is possible to encounter varieties of vegetable dishes and salads.

The olive oil manufactured from the regional olives are used in cooking which gives no excuse anymore for not to like vegetables.

Pine honey and thyme;

Sage leaves and thyme are the most produced and consumed spices of the region. They not only are used heavily in the meals but also can be consumed as tea.

Karakovan Honey, molasses and the most importantly pine honey are the most famous natural products of Kas.

It is possible to purchase these products from the bazaar.

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