2009 “the most beautiful garden” second …

Flowers are the other characteristic feature of Kas. Natural jasmines adorns its streets.

For this reason, Kas is referred as “the place where the streets smells jasmine”. The smell of hanging baskets from the balcony travels all around the region. The garden of Paradise Kas was awarded as ‘the most beautiful garden’ by EvBahçe Magazine. The colourful flowers and plants are naturally grown in harmony with the house.

The article about the garden of Paradise Kas written by Beyhan Soydan is published in EvBahçe Magazine’s September issue in 2010.

“Truth and Beyond”

We are in Kas – Antalya in a month when the breeze has started to blow and the tree leaves has started to sway. Apparently, the peace was hidden in the garden of Enis Günay, which was awarded as “the most beautiful garden and the balcony”.

When I look at Enis Günay’s garden view of, I feel myself as the goddess of Kas. Enis Günay’s garden took the second prize in the competition of ‘the best garden and the balcony contest’ in 2009. The region is covered with a thousand varieties of cactuses. Better watch out. Since, it is not possible to visualize any type of a desert. This could only be an oasis. There is a man sleeping on the top of the Kas Mountain which embraces the whole region.

When you turn your back, lift your head up and look at the center of Kas, you can immediately notice the rocks on the top of the mountain resembling exactly to an image of a sleeping man. He watches the town from above as a God. Two deep caves are his eyes. His shoulder line is clear. While his legs are merged into the mountain.

I feel like the Goddess …

When I look at Enis Günay’s garden view, I feel myself as the goddess of Kas. Enis Günay’s garden took the second prize in ‘the best garden and the balcony’ contest in 2009.

When I look around, I justified the decision and then I fell into reverie. When I lie down on the swing sipping my iced lemonade, Kas and the peninsula is on my left. Meis is right in front of me giving me the bird’s eye view.

Facing this breathtaking landscape makes me feel as a figure inside a delectable painting. This side of the garden is one of the most exquisite, beautiful and pleasant part of the painting. Once I enter the garden, the exquisite plants surrounds me. Flowers have been placed on the skirts of the derwish named as Mevlana Celaleddin who is the symbol of tolerance.

When he whirls, all the flowers on his skirt take off. ‘Come’ he says ‘come as you are’. The garden represents the inner peace that Mevlana offers to the people.

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