Extreme Sports

Kaş; diving tourism, underwater in Turkey in terms of natural and historic values ​​is an important point.

Kas is a very suitable region for extreme sports. Rafting, mountain climbing, trekking, biking, paragliding and scuba diving (underwater) are very popular. The sea is very attractive for its cleanness and pureness which are the perfect conditions for under water sports.

A wreck, which was built by the locals without any nails being used was sunken under control, for the water sports lovers. .



When scuba diving is considered, Kas is the most important region of Turkey. The replica of the first wreck of the region was built and sunked by the locals of Kas near the Meis Island. This wreck was constructed by the local shipbuilders with old technics without using any nails,. Only the woods of the ship were engaged into each other.

It is possible to visit this wreck by joining one of the scuba diving centers of the region. The most visited regions are Güvercin Island, Ikiz Kardes Island, Canyon, Fener (Ottoman Wreck) and Besmi Island. It is not recommended to dive without any technical knowledge and training.


After scuba diving, paragliding is the most popular extreme sport.

It is possible to do paragliding from a height of 3000 meters accompanied by professional parachuters while enjoying the view of Kas and the Meis Island.


Green lowlands, natural greenhouses, the hills, the bays…Join trekking tours on the attractive green fields of Kas. Either choose an organized tour run by the locals or select your own region and plan your own trekking tour.

The choice is yours. It is also possible to rent a bike or a motorcycle.

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