About Paradıse Kas

Enis Günay and the passion for Kas

Paradise Kas, was built as two villas and four flats in 2009 by Enis Günay, who has twenty-five years as a producer and film director of production and direction experience in the German cinema sector. He now continues his career in the energy industry.

Along with art, he has a keen passion for nature and uses the unique nature of Kas as his new aspiration. Thus, he created this project to celebrate Kas and its beloved landscape

“Necklace of Kas”

Paradise de Kas means “Necklace of Kas” in English. It is situated in a perfect location and its name perfectly fits with its mirrors the beautiful view you get of the surround dings. You can easily watch over Kas, Meis Island and Cukurbag Peninsula which continues on towards the Mediterranean Sea.

The houses were designed as Village Houses by adhering to old Mediterranean architecture. Stone, wood and iron were used in its construction under the supervision of local craftsmen and expert architects who specialized in historical buildings.

Mediterranean House

In a typical Mediterranean House you would be likely to see common characteristics such as the garden, balcony, patio, pool alongside its basic structure which is built vertically down the hill.

As its name suggests Paradise de Kas, with its architecture, garden, living spaces, wooden furniture and the unique Kas view, is more than only one pearl and already a home to lovers of Kas already a host to lovers of Kas.

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