About Kas

Seaside town streets smelling with the smell of jasmine … …

Kas is located 189 km far from the center of Antalya, between Fethiye and Elmali districts and right across the Greek island called Meis.

It has the most clean and unspoiled coastline of Turkey which is 70 km long .

Next to its natural wonders, Kas is also a town which encloses ancient cities and historical buildings. Istlada, Apollonia, İsinda, Kyaenai and many other runis that have not been named yet are located in and around Kas.

Romes artifacts are still alives in Kas …

The sunken city of Kekova near Kas is accessible by boat. Ancient cities such as Komba, Nisa, Kandyba, Phellos are 1-12 km far. These ruins are protected and very important for Kas and the history of the region.

Overtime, these cities have been damaged; though, they are still worthy to visit. Apart from its natural beauty, Kas is also a center for extreme sports such as trekking, mountain climbing, rafting, paragliding and so on. Locals usually work in tourism industry. Most of them have a field on the highlands.

Fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers are grown in the lowlands. It is possible to purchase these natural groceries from any shop. The jasmines sprinkled along the streets are quite attractive too. Briefly, Kas is the most important tourism center of Mediterranean region with its unspoiled nature and tranquility.

Kas is the right choice if you are looking for a place accompanied by the lights of the Greek Meis Island Meis, smell of the jasmine flowers on the streets and a natural local town atmosphere.

Kaş beach…

Around Kas district, there are bays where you can see the every shade of blue. It is not a dream to sunbath on the golden beaches and swim in the bluest sea which are only a few km kilometres outside far from the center of Kas.

Besides, the longest and the widest beach of Turkey named as Patara beach, is also in Kas. It is 800 meters wide and 17 km long. It is declared as the Special Environmental Protection Area since Caretta Caretta Sea Turtleslay their eggs on this beach. The most visited part of the beach is the Ancient City.

Every year, thousands of foreign and local tourists visit this region.

Kas is the bluest corner of the heaven…

“Kas is the bluest corner of the heaven. And it is said:

if you have visited Kas before, it is unnecessary to say a word! Kas is a must see town! Remember, the view of Kas over the hill which is seen before arrival has made so many people fall in love with this town…

fascination develops in a day or two for only a few people …”

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